Level 4 Reading/Writing

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About this Course

This course focuses on basic English reading and writing skills for intermediate English learners. Topics covered include paraphrasing, written argument, and academic writing skills.

Course Objectives

  • 4.RW.1 Determine appropriate synonyms and antonyms of target adjectives.
  • 4.RW.2 Produce transition words (on the other hand, however, therefore, and in addition) using correct
  • punctuation.
  • 4.RW.3 Identify and produce basic thesis statements.
  • 4.RW.4 Produce an essay outline.
  • 4.RW.5 Produce a 3-4 paragraph descriptive essay
  • 4.RW.6 Respond to written questions about short essays.

Integrated Objectives

  • 4.G.1 Identify comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs in sentences.
  • 4.G.2 Produce sentences and respond to questions with modals (could, would, should, may, can, have to, and
  • must).
  • 4.G.3 Produce sentences and respond to questions with future verbs (will, be going to, might, and may).
  • 4.G.4 Produce future time clauses in sentences (before, after, as soon as, and when).
  • 4.G.5. Identify and produce noun clauses (subject and adjective compliment).
  • 4.LS.1 Restate information obtained orally.
  • 4.LS.2 Take notes and talk about information heard from multiple sources.
  • 4.LS.3 Produce sentences with target phrasal verbs.
  • 4.LS.4 Deliver a planned presentation on class topics with visuals.
  • 4.LS.5 Deliver an impromptu presentation on class topics. 

Learning modules

  • Week 3
    • lessons with JP

    • lessons with JP

    • lessons with JP

    • lessons with JP

    • Math tutoring

    • Math tutoring

    • Math tutoring

    • Math tutoring

    • Math tutoring

    • Check your understanding | Signs

    • testing invitation

  • Week 1
    • Introduction to Online Course

    • Tuesday Live Online Class

    • Present Tense Practice Writing

    • Present Perfect (L4 R/W)

    • Reading Practice

    • Thursday Live Online Class

    • demo class

    • Modals: Review and Exercises

    • Modals Quiz

    • The Dust Bowl

    • Understanding Stroke

  • Week 2
    • Review of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

    • Tuesday Live Online Class

    • Talking About the Future

    • Reading Practice

    • Weekly lesson

    • Quiz: Comparative, Superlatives, and Future

    • Finding Main Idea in Paragraph

    • Wednesday Class

    • Weekly Lesson

    • Demo Lesson

    • 2nd Demo Lesson

    • Fair Trade in the UK_ 2

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